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Because every day it's off the road you are losing money!

This has always been our motto and we stand by that with every job that we do. We are specialists in repairing and rebuilding pretty much most manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic gearboxes that are out on the market. We are part of the ZF ProTech scheme and in being so our engineers have been ZF trained whilst attending the ZF run training courses and considering that these gearboxes go in so many cars like the BMW 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series and X series along with the land rover range like the discovery3, discovery4 and range rover along with many other makes and models, you can be safe in the knowledge that when it comes to ZF gearboxes, you are in the right hands.

We also rebuild and repair CVT and Multitronic gearboxes for Audi, VW, Nissan and others. We were the first in the London area and one of the first in the country to start in-house repairs and rebuilds on the Ford DCT range of gearboxes that go in the Ford Galaxy, Ford S-Max, Ford C-max, Ford Kuga and Ford Focus vehicles.


When ford or other companies tell you that the only way to fix these vehicles is to buy a whole, new complete replacement gearbox, do not be fooled…we can easily diagnose and replace and repair clutches, mechatronic units and gearboxes for these as separate items so that you do not buy parts that you do not need and all done in-house with ford dealer grade computers.

We also repair and rebuild semi-automatic gearboxes and actuators for the Vauxhall and Renault range amongst other makes. We are one of the few and leading companies that are capable of fixing these vehicles and knowing them inside out. We often get these vehicles coming to us direct from main dealers who although they are happy to charge you the end of the earth to change everything in the hope it sorts your problem, they actually have no idea what is wrong with the very vehicles they sell and rely on us to get to the bottom of the issue. The simple reason is that unlike times went by, the very people you rely on in the service departments of your main dealership are working off a checklist and a computer. They are not the people who built the gearboxes or anything to do with the gearboxes. They have no idea how to even open one in most cases so it really is no surprise that we are people's only hope to get gearboxes in Essex, gearboxes in London and gearboxes in the UK sorted without buying a brand new gearbox.