We only use OEM parts for all the rebuilds we do with automatic gearboxes. Whether your gearbox is slipping juddering, banging or jumping, even if it is just tired, sluggish and in need of a refresh, this is all second nature to us and we can sort the issues your gearbox has with minimum fuss and with the peace of mind that you will be getting a quality repaired or rebuilt gearbox that you can rely on.

Just some of the parts which most automatics will need an overhaul kit, bush kit, oil pump, filters, speed sensors, drums, clutches and frictions amongst many other parts but we also rebuild torque converters and valve bodies. We can repair some mechatronic units but if not, you can be safe in the knowledge that we can source the cheapest replacements and then have the computers and diagnostic equipment to reprogram and re-code them back to the car.

This is a way of life for us the cornerstone of our success but when you know and have the confidence that you can fix pretty much any issue an automatic can throw at you, it really separates us from the rest out there so why would you want to take a chance with anyone else. Please feel free to call us or stop by our workshop to discuss your gearbox issues or requirements and see for yourself why we are one of the leading companies in this industry.


We offer all the same services as our other two workshops that have made us our name and more importantly the respect of those within the trade we have gained for the workmanship we carry out and we are proud to say we are one of the only companies in the country to offer a: NO FIX,NO PAY DEAL ON ALL OF OUR GEARBOX REPAIRS/REBUILDS AND SERVICES WE PROVIDE!