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Manual gearbox repairs/rebuilds to any manual car or commercial vehicle. A huge range of ready to go, on the shelf fully reconditioned gearboxes for manuals. Semi-automatic diagnostics repairs/rebuilds and programming. Automatic gearbox fault finding, repairs and rebuilds with ready to go reconditioned gearboxes on the shelf should you require one. Torque converter and Valve body overhauls and new units available amongst many other services.

We offer an in-house service from start to finish on all vehicles so you can drop it off and know that the next time you see it, it will be back driving.

The fitting services we provide are very competitively priced and we also offer the same day service for most vehicles so you can rest assured that you will be back on the road very quickly.

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WE WOULD WELCOME ANYONE TO VISIT OUR PREMISES UNANNOUNCED AT ANY TIME DURING THE WORKING DAY AS WE FIRMLY BELIEVE YOU NEED TO SEE JUST WHO YOU ARE TRUSTING WITH YOUR VEHICLE WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR WORK AND ONLY TOO OFTEN WE GET A "RECONDITIONED GEARBOX" SOMEONE HAS "FITTED" AND ARE LEFT TO TRY AND PICK UP THE PIECES OF SOMEBODY ELSE'S JET WASHED AND SILVER SPRAYED "RE-CONDITIONED GEARBOX" JOB. All our gearboxes come with a warranty so you have the peace of mind that dealing with a premier company gives you. As stated we do provide a very competitive fitting service so please give us a call, text message or email for any information on this.