We are a local family started manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic gearbox repairing and rebuilding company based in Rainham Essex. The company now has 4 generations working within the TWO branches that we have. Re-engineered transmissions serve Essex, London and the south with the other serving Peterborough, Cambridge, the Midlands and the north however after years of our exceptional service and pricing, we have become the “go to company” for anything gearbox related for the whole country and even worldwide. We started out with 3 people and now we have a team of 20 with many of the apprentices and those who have been there from the beginning, still part of the family and with us. Because of the very personal service we like to give, you are likely to meet most of the team and you can see why we are one of the most respected companies in this industry.

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We have always been in the gearbox industry, unlike most others that try and do pretty much anything car related and be a general all-rounder. We know a lot about cars but there isn’t anything that we don’t know about gearboxes and this is why, as the cars of today become more difficult and expensive to fix, you need people that know how to fix them without wasting your money and time guessing or just changing everything so it must work. Whatever your vehicle's value or your budget, we have been and always will be, very proud to say that we make fixing gearboxes an affordable process. We were one of the first to break the mould of gearbox rebuilding companies when instead of just giving you one fixed high price to sort the gearbox (which most still do and it does not matter if you need £5 worth of parts or £500 your price will still be £3000) in the hope you will not look shop around, we will give you the best and cheapest options the market has to offer and realistic outcomes so you can decide what is the best course of action to take before someone has your gearbox out on the bench and has you cornered into making a decision you were not prepared for…how can we? Well quite simply we have long-standing relationships with all the leading parts suppliers, manufacturers and main dealers so due to the sheer volume of customers we have given them and also our name and reputation, you can be sure that we will be getting the best deal for you. We often get parts that others will tell you are not available or can repair things that they say are not repairable. Our business was built to the high standards we have set and the customer service we provide and we never forget or take for granted that without our customers we are just the same as everyone else. With our market now being so vast with us selling to Europe and the rest of the world people may be inclined to think we have forgotten where we came from or that we have let our standards slip but as you can see the countless REAL reviews on eBay, Google and yell, our face to face and local trade is still the most important to us.