A 67 plate ford galaxy in for a gearbox rebuild already 😱. Don’t panic though, it’s all under control and the car was done within 48hours of being dropped off. This one is part of a fleet of 78 vehicles that we have done for our customer over the last 5 years. They had the first generation powershift Gearboxes in the older ford galaxys and smax’s they owned but have now upgraded to a full new fleet but being used as private hire and Uber’s, they do get abit of a hard life and plenty of miles. Not an issue though, it can all be sorted for a 1/4 of the price of the ford dealers. For anything ford powershift related or anything Manual/automatic gearbox related give us a call. Reengineered Transmissions #uber #london #essex 😊🚗🔨 #Ford #gearbox #automaticgearboxrepairs #essex #london #powershift #zf #cars #autos #reconditioned #reconditioning #recongearbox