2017-12-13 2.png

These are just two of the many cars done this week. One a bmw 525i with a ZF6HP19 gearbox that was brought over from the isle of wright after the owner buying the car in good faith, realised he had been conned. The other a Land Rover Discovery 3 with a ZF6HP26 gearbox that was brought in by a member of the Land Rover owners club after us being recommended by another club member. As you can see from the computer diagnositics done prior to our work, they both had various slipping faults and gearbox issues when they came in to us. 3 days later and they are now back to full health with a full rebuild, all built and fitted in house by us and both with 12month warranties given as standard with all rebuilds. Two happy customers and two more finished ZF gearboxes.